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Strategic partners 

The ambition of GEP Watermanagement is the developement and delivery of systems for decentralized sustainable water management in order to improve the quality of water, to re-use the water, and to prevent floodings. We want to deliver a sustainable and safe water system with the correct ratio between price, environment and savings.

The HomEvap is the most quiete and most energy efficient humidifier and cooler available. The HomEvap improves your comfort at home and provides a healthy indoor environment.

Copier has long been involved in sizing, management and maintenance of various systems in relation to the transport and treatment of wastewater.
Wastewater need not be a waste, but can be reused by ingenious systems, for example flushing water and / or irrigation. Residual heat from waste water can be used to reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions.

In 2009 Hybrid Power Systems BV was founded to develop and produce combined hybrid power and propulsion systems for superyachts and commercial vessels. Since 2010, the product portfolio has been significantly expanded with products and components which form complete electrical systems for vehicles, vessels or locations which do not have (permanent) connection to the public grid.

Endusol designs, supplies and installs solar thermal systems.
Trouble-free operation and maximum revenue is achieved through remote monitoring. Endusol analyzes on a daily  basis the readings and adjusts where necessary parameters and settings. This is to prevent a system failing to operate optimally for a long period of time.

Libra Energy is an international distributor of energy systems. Where solar energy first played the biggest role since its founding, Libra has now grown into a multinational company where energy storage, wind and eMobility are part of the product portfolio.

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